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Wind in the Sails – Sculpture by Kent Ullberg


“Wind in the Sails”  – February 2018

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“Wind in the Sails” – Corpus Christi, Texas (Saunders Rough 11 x 15 – Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints) – January 2018

Saunders Rough Watercolor Paper
Daniel Smith Paints
Painted:  February 2018

The Corpus Christi Caller- Times, when celebrating its 100th birthday on January 23, 1983, it gave Corpus this sculpture, Wind in the Sails, by sculptor Kent Ullberg. This monument is used to mark a special occasion in the history of the Caller- Times newspaper, which is endeavor that records the daily events of Corpus Christ.

The Sculpture sits very close to One Shoreline Plaza, our iconic skyscraper here on the bay front in Corpus Christi.  Mr. Ullberg is well known for his artistic efforts in promoting both wildlife and marine life. This fluid sculpture is one of many similarly styled sculptures, which he has located around the world.