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Ca’ d’Zan

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“Ca’ d’Zan”  – December 2017

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“Ca’ d’Zan” – Sarasota Florida Series (Saunders Rough 11 x 15 – Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints) – December 2017

Saunders Rough Watercolor Paper
Daniel Smith Paints
Painted:  December 2017

This was painted in Florida in December 2017.

The history of John Ringling is fascinating as well. John was the 5th of 7 brothers who founded a traveling circus in 1870. They purchased the Barnum and Bailey Circus for $400,000 in 1907. He was the last of the Ringling Brothers to survive. John married a sophisticated aristocrat, Mable Burton in 1905, and built the Ca’D’Zan as their winter home in Sarasota, built in 1924 and finished in 1926. The cost to build the Mediterranean style mansion was 1.6 million dollars (21 million dollars in today’s currency).

Called “the house of John”, the Venetian style mansion is a massive 30 room estate. John and his wife were avid art collectors and after John’s death in 1936, he willed the estate to Florida to be open 1 day a week to the public. John was one of the richest men in the world, but when he died, he was basically penniless. He willed his extensive art collection, the mansion/property and museum to the state of Florida. In 1991, he and his wife Mable and John’s sister, Ida Ringling were exhumed and re-buried at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, just in front and to the right of the Ca’D’Zan. He is buried between the two women in the ‘secret garden’ on the Ca’D’Zan estate.