Al Kline

South Texas Watercolor Artist

South Texas Watercolor Artist

Al Kline is a new watercolor artist to South Texas.  He is a self-taught artist.

He began  painting in April 2017.

He is on a journey of learning and is sharing his experiences.

My Watercolors



A gallery of recent works.




Power and Presence: The Art of Dean Mitchell

I recently viewed a promotional life video of Dean L. Mitchell.  Mr. Mitchell is an accomplished artist and his story is inspirational! I hope you enjoy it. Mr. Mitchell was born 1957, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and reared in Quincy, Florida. He is a graduate of the...

Photo-Grid Test and Plein Air

We all would like to improve our drawing skills.   I have a wonderful little exerise that will surely improve your drawing and the way you approach a composition.  And I have found a great way to test it too! "When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!" I learned...

My Process before I paint

Today, I wanted to share some insights into how I start my paintings. I've taken a few workshops which has helped me get a little more organized in my process. First, I want to say that attending workshops in painting has helped me to garnish new insights into the...

My First Art Walk

Last night, I participated in my first Art Walk , here in Corpus Christi.  It was a cold night.  We had some visitors and I was able to sell 5 of my original paintings. I did sell the "muscle boat" and it was a little bitter sweet.  This has been one of my favorite...

How to find the Sweet Spot in Painting

How do we find that sweet spot in painting?  Indeed, the focal point is crucial in any composition.  I would call this the 'sweet spot' of painting.  But focal point is not the only one thing that makes a painting. First, how do we identify focal points? How do you...

Chein Chung-Wei Watercolor School: “Venetian Night”

As I continue to learn in watercolor, I came across some of Chein's teaching on FB.  His teaching reflects many of the great artist's including Vladislav Yeliseyev and Zbuckvic to name a few.   The importance of composition and your own artistic vision.  It echos...

Sarasota Plein Air Workshop with Vladislav Yeliseyev

This week, I traveled to Sarasota Florida for a 3 day open plein air workshop with Vladislav Yeliseyev. I have been anxious to attend this workshop and meet and learn more about watercolor from this wonderful artist. This will be my last formal workshop this year. My...

My Typical Sunday Morning

I got out this last weekend on Sunday for my usual Plein Air painting.  It was a gorgeously cooler day for South Texas.  With the temperatures being upwards in the 90's and record highs for this time of year, the morning was refreshingly cool at 75 degrees! I have...

My First Art Show

On October 29th, I had my first art show.  What a humbling and wonderful experience.  Bellino's Italian restaurant in Corpus Christi hosted the event.  I am so appreciative to the owners of Bellino's for opening their doors for this event and introducing the local...

Colors of Abandonment – The Video

This is a blog I follow and he has now made his first video. It's very cool!  Enjoy this video documentary of one of my favorite watercolor artists!

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South Texas Watercolor Artist

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